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Dr. E. L. Lawrence Residence

Circa 1912 residence of Dr. E. L. Lawrence built on N. B. Scott Hotel lot at the intersection of Dr. J. W. Simmons Alley and East Main Street in Floyd.

Phillips Home

Indian Valley home of Fleming Reed Phillips and Mary Isabel Phillips built circa 1803. Location was close to the intersection of Vaughn’s Mill Road and Indian Valley Post Office Road.

Not standing.

Epperly Residence

John W. Epperly residence, circa 1900, later the home of Floyd P. Smith.
Across from Epperly Mill.

Slusher Harmon Cabin

Log home of Solomon and Elizabeth Slusher Harmon circa 1810 (left). Location: across the road from what was the Harmon Mill, West Fork of the Little River, Laurel Branch Rd, Floyd. Not standing.

Martin Vaugh Homeplace

It seems that Bryan Hylton was recipient of a land grant from the British Crown prior to the Revolutionary war that covered 2000 acres in the Burkes Fork Valley. Most all the area where the Hylton family lived (Vaughns married into the Hylton family). Bryan used his slaves to manufacture the brick from the clay seams in the banks of the branch from the spring. They were sun baked which I questioned, I believe they were fired because of the charred coloration on much of the brick. He went bankrupt before completing the structure and was forced to divide and sell parts of the property. Wilson Thomas Vaughn was one of the buyers. There are some grey areas in the story but the timeline is close enough to be feasible. Land records (source of some of Linda’s report) were used to develop the story. Floyd was part of Montgomery which came from Botetourt from Amelia? from Orange. The chain went back into the 1750’s best I remember. British Colony became Orange county across the Blue ridge mountains west to the Mississippi. The house has a block of wood with a date 1756 (I think) in one of the ports supporting the second floor.
Contribution by Catherine Pauley

Zion Lutheran Church Parsonage

Built circa 1880, “near Jacksonville,” now Floyd. The location was on the left side of the turnpike (now East Main Street) near Oxford Street. 8 –  Built Circa 1870, this home may have originally contained a schoolroom. The Lawson family remodeled the house in the late 1890s. Owned by the Tise/Heafner family for many years.